Joyce Gunn Cairns

A new artist to our Scottish Exhibition, I feel it is best to undersrtand Joyce Gunn Cairns' work by reading what other people have said about her. Jan Patience, well-known Scottish Art Writer for the Herald says,    "A lover of literature as well as an artist whose robust yet strangely delicate figurative paintings and portraits of prominent cultural figures are much sought after, Gunn Cairns is a walking talking buzzball of nervous energy".   The Herald, 11 Oct 2013.

“Joyce, your work is its own meaning, no matter how behind the modern curve you think it is. There’s a sorrow in it, yes, but there’s also a collossal pity and understanding of not only the human condition, but of the creatures we share the planet with, however briefly.”

- Richard Holloway

"Exquisite, Joyce, exquisite. Such fine, fine work."

 - Simon Callow"

Joyce Gunn Cairns works with care and intensity. She knows what a risk every line is and she makes it. As you sit for her, you can feel the energy and the concentration and the knowledge that there is nothing more important than getting this right."

- Colm Toibin

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