Sheila McInnes



Sheila McInnes’s paintings are intensely personal, they capture her everyday life, her response to things that she has experienced, either yesterday, in her childhood or even events that she imagines might have been.   Her paintings of dogs reaches back to her own longing for a dog as a child.  

Over the years Sheila has acquired many loyal followers, they respond to the naïve quality of her work, her colour and her tone.  On a deeper level they appreciate the personal world that she openly shares with them.



Born 1963 Kirkcaldy, Fife.  Sheila McInnes went to Edinburgh College of Art and studied Architecture.  On graduation she discovered that a career in Architecture did not suit her and she was encouraged to pursue her love of painting by a fellow artist. She began exhibiting her work locally in the Blackadder Gallery, where she worked and they began to sell her paintings.


She exhibits regularly with in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London and has built up a loyal following.  Clients respond to the naïve quality of her painting, her subject matter and her colours.  They appreciate her honesty and the personal world that she happily shares. 

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