Helen Tabor


Working in oils, Helen lays down a background of collage creating a textured, patterned effect on which to work. Adding the depth of collage often takes her in unknown directions which itself inspires the painting. She loves colour and the properties of colour, the effects created by the movement of the paint and the mood of the painting. Working with large brushes initially, boldly applying the paint, she then refines it using smaller brushes as she develops the painting.  

Helen's wonderful paintings are a melting pot of inspirations reaching back to her early travels to India and the years when she lived in Butan.  Since living in the Borders her focus and learning is from the great Scottish painters of the last century, William Mctaggart, Joan Eardly, Anne Redpath, William Gillies and John Maxwell. The influences of music, her family and the surrounding hills, fields and shores of southern Scotland and Picasso all feature strongly in her works.

The series of paintings in our current show are all seascapes of the shores of Southern Scotland, except for 'The Kitchen Window', which is a personal favourite of Helen's and marks a departure into a more abstract world.


1960  Born Middlesex

1978-81  BA English and History , University of York

1981 -82  Travelled in India and worked in a village development project in Maharastra.

1983-84  Post Graduate Certificate of Education, University of York

1984-87  Teacher of English, Drama and Art at Boroughbridge School, N.Yorks

1987-90  Teacher of English, Drama and Art, Paro High School, Bhutan, Asia.

1990-92  Field Officer for Voluntary Service Overseas in Bhutan

1997-02  Borders College, evening class tutor

1997-2016  Painter.



Exhibitions History

2018  The Smithy Gallery three woman show; Glasgow and Edinburgh Art Fairs with The      

      Whitehouse Gallery. Group exhibitions with The Whitehouse Gallery, Annan and

      Strathearn Gallery, Castlegate house gallery, Thompsons gallery.  


2017  Castlegate house Gallery, Cockermouth Solo show.

      Edinburgh Art fair with The Whitehouse gallery

      The Smithy Gallery, The Strathearn Gallery. The Whitehouse gallery, Thompsons

      Gallery, The Flint gallery group exhibitions.


2016  Thompsons Gallery Aldburgh Solo show

      Group shows with The Strathearne gallery, Creiff; Castlegatehouse Gallery,    

      Cockermouth; Thompsons, London; The Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbright.


The Albion Gallery, Chipping Norton. Solo show.

Selected for The Gordon Smith Memorial exhibition, The Dovecote Gallery

Affordable Art Fair with The Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Group exhibitions : Thompson’s Galley Aldburgh and London; Castlegatehouse Gallery, Cumbria; The Strathearne Gallery, Crieff,; Tolqhon Gallery and Jack Tierney Galleries, Aberdeenshire; The Flint Gallery, Blakeney, Norfolk.


Castlegatehouse Gallery, Cockermouth: Two person show.

Group exhibitions:  Gullane Gallery, Thompsons Gallery Aldburgh and London;Strathearne Gallery, Crieff; Albion Gallery, Chipping Norton; Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Affordable Art Fair Battersea with Art Amatoria and Marinehouse at Beer.

Affordable Art Fair, Edinburgh with Moy Mackay Gallery.


SSA annual exhibition. Royal Scottish Academy.

RSW annual exhibition Royal Scottish Academy :winning The Gullane gallery award.

Two person show, Marinehouse at Beer, Devon.

Group exhibitions : Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbrightshire; Thompsons Gallery, Aldburgh; Castlegatehouse Gallery, Cockermouth; Gullane Gallery. East Lothian.


VAS annual exhibition. Royal Scottish Academy

Affordable Art fair, Battersea with Marinehouse at Beer.

Group exhibitions: Thompsons, Aldburgh; Castlegatehouse gallery, Cockermouth,Whitehouse gallery, Kirkcudbright; The Green gallery, Aberfoyle.


Marinehouse at Beer, Devon, Two woman show

Art Amatoria, Edinburgh Solo show

Thompsons Gallery Aldbugh, Summer show

Castlegatehouse Gallery, Cockermouth Solo show

VAS annual exhibition. Royal Scottish Academy: winning The Lily McDougal Award


Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh, Annual open exhibition.   

Affordable Art fair, Battersea, Gallery 139.

Thompson’s gallery, London, Scottish show.

Thompson’s gallery, Aldburgh, Two woman show.

Castlegatehouse gallery, Cockermouth, Cumbria. Solo show.


Thompson’s gallery, Marylebone, London, Scottish Show

Rowley Contemporary Art, Winchester.Solo show.

Summer shows, Thompson’s Galleries,  London and Aldburgh

The Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbrightshire,

Castlegate Gallery, Cockermouth, Cumbria.

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea with Gallery 139

The Green Gallery, Aberfoyle.


Thompson’s Gallery, Marylebone, London, Scottish Show.

The Green gallery, Aberfoyle. ‘Intimate landscapes’

Thompson’s Gallery, Aldburgh, Summer show.

Thompson’s Gallery, Marylebone, London. Three man show

Mellerstane House Gallery, Summer Exhibition

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea with Gallery 139.


Castlegatehouse Gallery, Cumbria, Solo show

Thompsons Gallery, Marylebone, London, Three man show

Mellerstain House Gallery, Earlston, mixed show

Affordable Art fair, Battersea, London


Thompson’s Gallery, Marylebone, London ‘Autumn Show’

Affordable Art Fair Battersea, London

‘Ports of call’. Dronninglund Kunstcentre, Denmark, sponsored by the Danish Arts council

Thompsons Gallery, Aldgurgh, Three woman show

Thompson’s Gallery, Marylebone, The Scottish Show


The Green Gallery

Battersea Affordable Art Fair

Thompson’s Gallery, Marylebone; The Scottish Show.

Morningside Gallery, Ediburgh

The Mainhill Gallery Edinburgh Festival exhibition.


Thompson’s Gallery, Marylebone; The Scottish Show.

Chelsea and Dulwich Art Fairs with the Rowley Gallery.  

Art London Chelsea with the Mainhill Gallery, solo show.

Thomson’s Gallery Aldborough Summer Show                                                                                                                                                                                           

Castlegate House gallery, Cockermouth, solo show

Affordable Art fair, Battersea with Gallery 139

Morningside gallery, Edinburgh.

The Green Gallery, Aberfoyle.

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